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June 24, 2013
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Osman and 'Telcam by Dragunalb Osman and 'Telcam by Dragunalb
I needed to cure my shitty mood with something funny, so why not making fun of Halo characters?

So whilst reading Glasslands to my buddies :iconkelmo77: and :icontheonepete: we came to the idea of a pic with Serin Osman and Avu Med 'Telcam during their very first meeting in the novel on New-Llanelli. Each one of them thinks he outsmarts the other with his dirty intrigues, whilst Phillips is probably just shitting his pants in joy and watching 'Telcam since Evan is a total Sangheili freak. And that's how this silly image was born :lol:
The original German file can be found here [link]

I'm not sure if I really got the looks of those characters right, since you see Osman only from the front for a short moment and 'Telcam isn't even described at all besides of having zealot armor and being a bit bigger and stronger than Jul 'Mdama. To give him some individuality I gave him a cloak since he's a fieldmaster after all. Same problem with Evan Phillips since he's only described to have reddish-brown scrubby hair, a beard and to be slightly fat compared to the ODSTs (that's why I gave him a slight beer belly). So since Osman is 1.9m and Jul above 2.5m tall, whilst Phillips is described to be rather short, he probably appears quite small compared to those two.

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I really do not like Osman. I would very much like to see how she'd react if she met the Master Chief. She has before... she once was his friend along with every other SPARTAN-II, yet now, with the bitterness she harbours towards Halsey, what would she think of John? He once again saved Earth (Sans New Phoenix), and is still fighting. Would she be a bitch to him like everyone else, or would not even her Admiral rank be enough to stop her from looking upon John with respect. John cared about the surviving "washouts", even though he pretty much never saw them, he still cared for them, like every other SPARTAN-II.
Dragunalb Nov 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I like how she cares about Kilo-Five and how she turned from an abused Spartan washout into ONI's next leader but it scares me a bit how she never questions Parangosky's methods and is willed to follow in her footsteps. Guess the brainwashed submissive part from her days as a Spartan trainee is still present though she's only loyal to Parangosky for saving her.
I guess her reaction would be the same as it was with Naomi. Respect for what they do for the UNSC, maybe a bit bitterness since they became what she was supposed to be too and never will be, along with a mix between grudge and pity for thinking of Halsey as their caring mother though she ruined their lives. Naomi and Osman looked a bit strange at each other but there hardly was and bitching or fighting between them (yet). Probably because Naomi kinda shares Osman's mind now, considering Halsey since she read her diary. So I doubt Osman would bitch at John for what he became and did. What could be a problem between those two is that he left the UNSC it seems (new trailer) and I hardly doubt Osman will ever allow a Spartan to retire. ONI/UNSC practically own the Spartans. It's not as if they got the freedom for shore leave once in a year.
He may not have actually "left". Well, he may have, but, I am of the opinion that if he did leave, it was for the same reason he went against Del Rio's orders; not just because he cared about Cortana, but because his duty is seemingly to humanity now, more than it is to the UNSC. He will go against the UNSC if it puts humanity at risk, and this isn't something new. While humanity wasn't so much at risk, he spared Johnson in a way after seeing that one man could make a difference. And when you think about it, without Johnson, John would not have succeeded. If it wasn't for Johnson, the Arbiter would probably have never been able to get into Installation 05's control room and stop Tartarus. And if Johnson wasn't there, John may have lost to the rampant 343 Guilty Spark on 04B, as he would not have been there, and his SPARTAN Laser would not have been there either. He has morals, which means he is human.

Serin would have to think John in perhaps high regard. He has done something no other human has ever done, saving humanity, and even the galaxy several times. Sure, he may not have been the one to stop 05 from firing, but he was the one that stopped the Flood leaving 04 before the Flood on 05 got out. And he was the one who deactivated ALL the rings, and in a way, destroyed the Gravemind, thus reducing any remaining Flood to a far less dangerous level (The Flood in SPARTAN Assault probably isn't coordinated). And he stopped the Didact from composing the Human race. Now, he did not do these things singlehandedly, and without the aid of so many others, he would not have succeeded. That doesn't make him weak though. For without him, those so many others' efforts would all be in vain.

But I wonder... what would Chief think of Halsey now? Not for what she's done in regards to the SPARTANs, but for what she said she wanted from Jul; revenge against the UNSC. But, I just cannot believe she would really betray the UNSC like that. It just doesn't seem right to me.
Dragunalb Nov 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Well it was said John wears that poncho thing in the trailer to hide his identity. Hide his identity from what? From those Forerunner machines who can probably see through his poncho with their sensors in less than a second? I doubt that. To me it makes more sense that he's hidning from the UNSC/ONI who may be out there to bring him back home. Would explain why his armor is in such a shitty condition if he ran off with the Mjolnir and can't go back to the UNSC to repair it. Sure, that could be because he got lost or is on a mission that takes longer but that he left the UNSC makes more sense to me at the moment.
I'd like that scenario if he turns away from the UNSC now that his best friend died. Him holding Cortana's empty chip in the trailer gives me the idea that he's somehow searching for a way to resurrect her whilst the UNSC doesn't really cares about replacing software like Cortana.

Again, I doubt Osman hates John -especially after all he went through- but she may looks at him like he's some naive kid that still believes in Santa Clause like Halsey told him. In Halo4 he still thinks of Halsey as some sort of god who can save Cortana with some miracle.

Dunno, Halsey believes her own lies so I could imagine that she blames the UNSC for all that went wrong and ignores the fact that her ending up like that was pretty much her own fault for not informing Lasky about what she does with Jul, making it look like she's a traitor. Could also be that she just uses Jul though but I like the first version better.
What John thinks of Halsey now I could only guess. Maybe he's so depressed from Cortana's loss that he doesn't even cares anymore.
I dont think he was hiding anything, judging from the look of his visor, his suit was pretty beat up, he could have been wearing the poncho because his shield systems gave out, and he needed to protect the armor from the sand, just a thought.
Dragunalb Jan 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Could be. Depends on how good the Mjolnir can deal with sandstorms.
I'm struggling to understand why Oz's profile photo for the Halo 4 Visual Guide makes her look as if she was dragged out of bed.
Dragunalb Oct 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
She probably was. Still it's a much better pic than what we saw of her during Spartan Ops in that half-dark room there. I'm quite glad my interpretation if her here isn't that far away from her official looks.
I looked at this before, and I didn't get it. Now that I read the book, this is hilarious! 
Dragunalb Oct 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah, it only makes sense if you've read the books. Anyways, I'm glad you like it now =)
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